“I want to guard flowers against animals
I admire beauty and promote love
I want a wholesome peace with no crack
That's why I'm continuously under attack!”


I write for the oppressed

By Habib Sulemani

Lo and behold!
The incarceration has awarded me with 
an invisible third eye and a sixth sense!

Tyrants're intellectually blind
They can't understand!

They talk nonsense… 
But never tolerate the common sense!

That—dictator’s the worst liar…
All tyrants’re destined to failure! 

O tyrants of my time!
You can attack me for writing the truth!

You can restrict me to my small house so that
I couldn’t interact with the youth—directly! 

You can send me to prison for being a humanist,
and opposing the fascist!

You can torture me at your safe-houses
for thinking the unthinkable!

But you can't ruin my life at all...
The words of a true writer're evergreen!

But the evergreen,
no blind has ever seen!

Keep this in your conscious mind:
A hoodlum can’t hood my power of imagination!

My words're an asset to the poor,
and the oppressed… 
I write for those facing atrocities...
Breach of trust—you’d never ever find!


Don’t expect any impartial inquiry

By Habib Sulemani

The generals give arms of equal length
to the military and militants...
On both sides they weigh up their strength,
and poor lives transform into dead bodies!

Acts of terror go on unabated
but the generals play like a referee... 
Don’t expect any impartial inquiry!  

Acts of terror’ve become reality shows on TV...
To divert attention of the people in distress,
Nazi-successors produce terrorizing programs…
Despots can do anything—cos they're the law!

Those humiliated, would come out of the stress... 
The intellectual terrorists’re now in the open...
They’ve shocked even the na├»ve press:
"What a bloody game for the big bucks!"

"Look, we've lost over 35,000 lives in the
war on terror—more than killed on 9/11,"
the gang bargains for more dollars (which goes to
personal accounts) with the U.S. Admin... 
When there’s no positive response,
then starts another killing spree…
This is the real story of my terrorized country!

Suicide attack’s a strategy to add
to the number of dead-bodies...
Life's valueless in this callous society,
and only dead-bodies count in the country...
Death's just a number game!

The American treasury would be empty
similar to that of the Pakistani kitty…  
Still the plunderers’re hungry,
and the masterminds’re very happy!

I write this poem in great pain
but I can see historians-to-come
digging out the media archives of my time...

They're expressing their disgust at 
the highly-funded ISI-produced foolish
write-ups and TV/radio programs...

Ah! I forgot my pain and my lips parted,
I felt the joy of a natural smile...
History'll never forgive the tyrants of my time!


Intellectual cleansing of liberals

(for journalist Saleem Shahzad and writer Saba Dashtiyari brutally killed recently) 

By Habib Sulemani

Even in solitary confinement,
I can see the criminals at work!

Berserk with fear, 
the spymasters’re now harassing,
kidnapping, torturing and killing liberal
journalists, intellectuals and politicians...
It's intellectual cleansing!
The assassins in the khaki’re stark naked
They can’t hide anywhere anymore…
The truth's out there!

Despite the media blackout,
I can see tribal Balochistan's bleeding  
I feel the heat—poor Pakhtuland's burning!  

O God of the bearded and uniformed rascals!
Don't you see what's going on in your country? 
My green Punjab has gone red…
My mystic Sindh is in a pool of blood

I can hear the hue and cry in the country:  
"Goodbye to Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan  
What's gonna happen in Pakistan?"

Is this a society or an explosive-dump?
Everywhere’s anarchy and explosions
They wanna make the world a terrorland!

The generals hijacked the budget again
Instead of breads, they wanna feed the
poor on foolish websites and rusted bombs! 

"Who'll protect the nuclear bombs?
They’ve become a liability to our country"
Curiosity adds Shahzad's to other tombs!

Who made the country a terrorist sanctuary?
The culprits’ve no time for such silly questions
My people know who killed Saba Dashtiyari!  

The regime's dealing in dead-bodies
For money it can do any and everything...
Its aim's collecting maximum blood money!  

           God! What's wrong with your Pakistan?


Truth is at war with lies

By Habib Sulemani

After destruction of the society,
the tyrants want to go back to their
fantasized era: The Stone Age!

But I can’t accept this bullshit!

I want to guard flowers against animals
I admire beauty and promote love
I want a wholesome peace with no crack
That's why I'm continuously under attack!

They can keep me away from work,
and stop from meeting relatives and friends…

They can deny jobs to my brothers,
and shut doors of universities on my sisters…

They can torture my elderly parents,
and other family members…

They can test their persecution tactics, 
and close all sorts of windows on the world...

But still there'll be a small window of opportunity,
and my words’ll tell the whole truth to the world...

Truth is at war with lies!

Mercedes-Benz and BMW

By Habib Sulemani

I know: my allusions, allegories, rhymes and color,
even my rhythm and dance (never seen) can’t 
change their criminal minds!

But, being a commoner from the 180-M Street,
my simple symbols, metaphors and similes've
won hearts and minds of people; but tyrants 
say: “Your words hit harder than a bullet!”

They’re using armored Mercedes-Benz W221,
BMW 5 to 7 Series official state cars (in a country, 
where the helpless common people commit suicide 
as they can't pay taxes anymore!),

how my words can hit the tyrants like bullets as
they own all guns including the stolen nukes;
do words pierce bulletproof cars for real?

It's unbelievable, or maybe there is something,
something really strange! 
How my words can hit callous killers like bullets,
eh, tears of the gang!

I never meant to hurt anybody. Never you!
I just wanted collective behavioral change,
and here you are!

“You would be playing flute before a snake,” a stooge 
had said, "but you can't hypnotize the reptile!" 

"To protect my little crowded planet," I responded, 
"I can do anything even playing a snake-charmer!"