“I want to guard flowers against animals
I admire beauty and promote love
I want a wholesome peace with no crack
That's why I'm continuously under attack!”


Returning home as dead bodies

for poor Sheru and his young son killed by police in Hunza

By Habib Sulemani

We all are living in a terrifying territory of the real Satan!
Those, who try to expose satanic crimes (committed
after blindfolding human rights bodies), either
disappear or return home as dead-bodies!

The tyrant rulers are acting like a volatile Karachi-trader,
who sells everything hastily in the hope to settle abroad!

"They’re the worst traitors on earth," citizens say aloud,
"who’ve sold our sovereignty for personal comfort and
cheap desi (South Asian) pleasure!"

Still, they shamelessly force artists to paint them
as great patriots in history—they’re blind, so
can't see their gauche face in the mirror!

"In the name of strategy, they’ve sold
their mothers, sisters and daughters;
even wives spend nights with others!"

Silence! Their tribal patriotism and
criminal sense of honor have
left them nowhere! 

Castrated bulls, get it now!
Oh, no—they're deadwood!