“I want to guard flowers against animals
I admire beauty and promote love
I want a wholesome peace with no crack
That's why I'm continuously under attack!”


Intellectual cleansing of liberals

(for journalist Saleem Shahzad and writer Saba Dashtiyari brutally killed recently) 

By Habib Sulemani

Even in solitary confinement,
I can see the criminals at work!

Berserk with fear, 
the spymasters’re now harassing,
kidnapping, torturing and killing liberal
journalists, intellectuals and politicians...
It's intellectual cleansing!
The assassins in the khaki’re stark naked
They can’t hide anywhere anymore…
The truth's out there!

Despite the media blackout,
I can see tribal Balochistan's bleeding  
I feel the heat—poor Pakhtuland's burning!  

O God of the bearded and uniformed rascals!
Don't you see what's going on in your country? 
My green Punjab has gone red…
My mystic Sindh is in a pool of blood

I can hear the hue and cry in the country:  
"Goodbye to Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan  
What's gonna happen in Pakistan?"

Is this a society or an explosive-dump?
Everywhere’s anarchy and explosions
They wanna make the world a terrorland!

The generals hijacked the budget again
Instead of breads, they wanna feed the
poor on foolish websites and rusted bombs! 

"Who'll protect the nuclear bombs?
They’ve become a liability to our country"
Curiosity adds Shahzad's to other tombs!

Who made the country a terrorist sanctuary?
The culprits’ve no time for such silly questions
My people know who killed Saba Dashtiyari!  

The regime's dealing in dead-bodies
For money it can do any and everything...
Its aim's collecting maximum blood money!  

           God! What's wrong with your Pakistan?