“I want to guard flowers against animals
I admire beauty and promote love
I want a wholesome peace with no crack
That's why I'm continuously under attack!”


World's Gift To Heaven

By Habib Sulemani 

for Baby Abdullah

I wanted to write a poem for you
But there're tears in my eyes
I can't
I can't
Oh, my  goodness!

Usually, I write poems in longhand
But today, my blurred eyes can't see the piece of paper
Whatever I see with hazy eyes is you:
a newborn baby boy who spent only a couple of days
in the warmth of his mother and rest of his fifteen-day life
alone on cold ventilators in the ICU of a hospital!

When I got the news of your birth
I could see you hundreds of miles away
I was happy to see another addition to the new generation
Born in my family during my ongoing incarceration
I was very happy to see you
As happy as a poor village-child on getting a toy!

I'd felicitated your Mama and Papa indirectly
Somehow, I didn't call them personally
I don't know why I delayed my call
I didn't exhibit the telephonic euphoria
Maybe, my poetic laziness delayed it!

And now when you've landed in paradise 
I can't even call your grief-stricken parents
Oh, I can't offer even telephonic-condolences
I don't know what to say to my parents!

I'm a citizen of no country
During these long years of incarceration
My National Identity Card has expired
My cellphone has been blocked
And I've lost my typical oratory power
I'm told the world understands whatever I do write
But I know the language of the world no more!

Still I haven't lost my mimosa-leaflike sensitive heart
My grief on your untimely departure is genuine
My tears are real
I'm not a crocodile on the seashore
I'm a sensitive shepherd from the mountains!

O my dear nephew
When we're mourning your loss on earth
Citizens of the heavens maybe celebrating your arrival in Eden
Your namesake grandfather maybe all smiles
And your great-grandparents maybe dancing on celestial tones
The world lost a beautiful baby, but heaven got a precious gift!

(Rawalpindi, Pakistan. September 15, 2015)

Universal Patriotism

for Pakistani rulers on Independence Day

By Habib Sulemani

My Country is the earth,
a small planet that carries the huge burden of
sinful clergymen, corrupt politicians
and criminal generals, and revolves
around the sun aimlessly!

My State is Asia,
a piece of provincial land engulfed in flames of
ignorance and poverty, but determined
to be a First World society!

My District is Pakistan,
a densely populated area occupied by devils of
corruption and terrorism, but people hope
to get liberty some day!

The monks of tribal patriotism,
who have got a criminal sense of
honor without a slice of dignity, call
me a traitor as they don't know the meaning of
universal patriotism! 

Hatred is what they sell as global traders!

Today is the Independence Day!
Years and years, many years have passed
still only the ruling class is independent!

The country is shamefully dependent!
Don't you see? They've turned into leeches
but what could be the future of a parasite? 

An ode to my love

By Habib Sulemani

I wanna be with you,
          my love!
          But I don’t know
          who are you,
          and where are you!

Being a realist,
          sometimes I doubt your existence!
          It seems nothing
          but a daydream!

Then there is a sudden image of you,
          a pretty one
          as a picture can be!
I don’t know why but
          there is an air of easy assurance that
          I’ll find you someday!

I don’t know why but I'm sure
          I’ll discover you.
          I'm as sure as eggs is eggs!


The Margalla Sunset

By Habib Sulemani

O tyrants of my land
The sun has set for you!
Do not err and refrain from adventurism
The Margalla ’ll never hide your Stalinism anymore
(Traitors can’t disguise as patriots in the dark)
The lush green hills are not your friend
 The season has changed!

There is no more space for a dictator in Islamabad
Islam has got rid of autocracy
Long live democracy!


God is a weapon—they worship death

(on my 15th month of solitary confinement a series of poems)

By Habib Sulemani

Satan and other evil characters've
come out of the Holly Scriptures
to rule my land as ruthless tyrants!

They crush flowers under their boots,
deface beauty, hate love and trade in wars 
to take complete control of planet earth!

Peace is a useless business as they make
money out of wars—so they advocate for
barbaric cults to annihilate global peace!

Al Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorist
outfits’re just puppets while these evil
characters’re the brains behind terrorism!

God is a weapon and they see nothing in life
except a vast killing field—but’re scared of the
dark grave—so they worship death out of fear!

”God is a weapon—they worship death.” This poem of Habib Sulemani actually says that there is no Taliban, no Al Qaeda but a gang of criminal army generals in Pakistan that has killed innocent Sunni Muslims in the name of Jihad including the helpless girls of Lal Masjid… these generals kill innocent Shia Muslims in the name of sectarianism… they’ve killed Christians, Ahmedis and many other minorities to create conflict in our peaceful Pakistani society and then cash the conflict internationally…

These generals are known as “Jihad Frosh Generals” or those generals who sell jihad in the global market and get dollars… These generals use innocent Pashtuns as Taliban and poor Arabs, expelled from their countries, as Al Qaeda to get dollars from America… It’s time to bring the so-called Taliban and Al Qaeda people to normal life but these generals will not let their ATM card go easily… so, let’s bring this gang of criminal generals to justice first… [The Terrorland]